Orphan Black: Season 2

By Lady London 20 April 2014 

“… Just one of a few, no family too, who am I?”

Attention all Orphan Black fanatics!  The time that we all have impatiently awaited for has arrived.  Orphan Black’s Season 2 has finally aired and the events in the first episode has left us in full amazement.

To the novice, this is a disclaimer:  This show is NOT for the faint of heart and the exquisite acting and storyline will immediately have you enthralled. -You have been warned.

Trailer for Season 1:

Orphan Black is a Canadian science fiction series, Temple Street production created by Graeme Manson and John Fawsett.  Tatiana Maslany takes the role of several identical women who are revealed to be clones made possible by in vitro fertilization. The series raises issues about the moral and ethical implications of human cloning and its effect on issues of personal identity.  Tatiana has recently been nominated for a Global Award for her outstanding ability to take the role of 7 women with very distinctive personalities.

I was only introduced to this incredible show 2 days ago have been brought up to speed. The writers for this Sci-Fi series are out of this world. 


The show airs on BBC every Saturday at 9pm EST.


The Cloneversation: