Freaky Foods:

By Lady London 11 April 2014

Fine Arts Photographer Proposes a Dementedly Colorful Menu



Dr Seuss’ Sam-I-Am may have been talking to San Francisco native Lawrie Brown when he was exclaimed his dislike for green eggs and ham.

Brown’s photographs are quite quirky, comical, and sometimes er…strange.   Her newest work takes the art of food garnishing to an entirely  different level.  Her newest series is fittingly named “Colored Foods” features a sorts of familiar dishes coated with vibrant latex paint.


This series explores a deeper connection between the ways we interact with food and the assorted manufacturing and processing methods that it goes through before is is on the grocery shelves and on our plates.  She explains on her website:

“These photographs comment on the social, visual, and psychological aspects of food.  I am involved in a photographic investigation of what food people eat, what those foods materially consist of, what they look like, and what statements foods make about our society.  Of concern to me is what food actually looks like photographically and how it psychologically affects the viewer when isolated in its natural context.

The concept of an object, which feels of home, and is found in the home, as being acceptable, identifies with the food manufacturer’s notion that if the product is visually appealing, there should be no question of its edibility by the user.  These forceful images veil its underlining social statement in the way the manufacturer of food conceals its intended use in order to stress its visual qualities.  It is this normally accepted emphasis on visual importance that I am examining in my photographic food.”




To explore more of Brown’s eclectic work, visit her website: