Artist Spotlight: Foe Hun’ed B4 The Love Album Release

By London “The Branding Blogger”

This past Tuesday, I attended the album release of Jersey’s own Foe Hun’ed.  Now a little background… We went to the same high school -Piscataway Highschool, A town in New Jersey that bred quite a few successful folks.

Its incredible to witness how much Foe’s artistry has evolved in just about 5 years.  I remember when he was aspiring to become who he is now. Seeing the passion in his eyes, the dedication and  discipline in his actions, and the enthusiasm while in the booth was inspiring.

Fast Forward to 2017… 2 solo albums under his belt, him and his team Let Roll Records, accessible on Pandora, performing in multiple states, and last but not least, a deal with Priority Records under Universal –this man is executing on his dreams rather effectively

I’ve admired Foe and his team’s execution throughout the years.  Back in 2015, to promote Foe Hun’ed’s “Family Over Everything” (Where Foe came from) Album, he and his team purchased ad space on a billboard in their home town.


Now let me tell you how real the hate is.. Would you believe just hours after the billboard was displayed, some bitter, jealous HATER burned it down!?  Well that sure backfired because this act of hate actually gave the team MORE exposure when News 12 featured the story of what happened!

Back to the present…. The Listening party was held at Loft 9 in New Brunswick.  Foe Hun’ed gave us a taste of his album.  I did my people watching thing that I have a habit of doing and noticed the entire audience enjoying themselves.  Heck, I ended up breaking my own damn curfew because i was truly enjoying the moment and connecting with these tracks -One in particular, For a Reason.  Which actually is played in the promo collage above.

From what I heard, this new album tells a story.  There are some party hits and songs you can blast either on your way to the gym or  as you prepare to roll up your sleeves and tackle an obstacle you may be facing.


Call -To-Action:

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Album Release Date:  November 24th

Upcoming Events:  B4 The Love Album Release Party |9pm-3am|Envy Nightclub 323 N Broad Street Elizabeth, NJ


Proof that Pretty Girls Like Trap Music in Creative Album Promotion

By London “The Branding Blogger”




A combination of a 808 beat, a repetitive simple hook, and lyrics that either promote guns, drugs, sex, violence or all the above and vualá, Trap Music was invented!


June 16th Atlanta bred rapper, 2 Chainz released his fourth album titled Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.  This made me ponder, how true is it that pretty girls like trap music? Well in no time just after his album release, 2 Chainz and his creative team executed a brilliant promotion to gain support from his woman fan base.  In a strategic partnership with Spotify, the Trap rapper announced on his Twitter that the Trap Salon was open for business

trap salon


Careful thought was put into every aspect of the salon.  Black, bold graffiti lettering plastered on pink walls.  The album name and lyrics were printed on the pillows that were prompted on the sofas in the pedicure station.  The nail sets also were assigned names of tracks on the album.  This was a great way for Pretty Girls to recognize songs and brought for great conversation starters. Ladies took to Twitter and shared their delight in Two Chainz execution.



Alas, he didn’t stop there.  The Hair Weave Killer (2 Chainz) also flipped an Atlanta house and renamed it the  Trap House.


Dressed in all Pink with a Bubble Gum Pink Cadillac in the yard, hip hop fans from all over the nation are  traveling  to Atlanta’s newest land mark for photo ops.   The Trap House has their own Instagram account where users are tagging the location.





Clearly, a lot of thought was put into the promotion of this Album.  This brilliant execution is a guarantee that this album will be another record breaking one for the Atlanta Rapper.  Below is the album trailer that was also released where fellow hip hop household names share accolades of the album in studio sessions as it was being produced.


Great Job 2 Chains! Collideascopes always appreciates a good marketing execution.  If there was a category for Promotional Execution, you would take home the award with this.


This brings me back to the question I previously asked -How true is it that Pretty Girls like Trap Music?  What was ‘Titty Boi’s” angle when he decided to name his fourth album this?  If I was to take a stab at this, my guess would be that the statement is quite true due to a trend that I recently noticed.  I recently held a discussion with a good friend who is a hip hop artist/ engineer.  He grew up in the  Rakim/ Tribe Called Quest days.  His previous work consisted of an array of acoustic instruments and melodic choruses, and thought provoking socially conscious lyrics.  Now that he is rebranding himself  he was slightly reluctant to be fully on board with the newest project.  It dawned on me that his original catalog consisted of records that you can imagine being played in  Open Mic venues that allowed for Live Bands and and older demographic.  While transitioning into the Trap Music Genre, performances would include trips to Gentleman’s clubs, and clubs in the urban areas that attracted young, single adults with a “YOLO” state of mind.  A lot of rappers are flocking to strip clubs to perform these days because it appears that  Trap music is the genre of choice for exotic dancers to twerk to and let loose.  Also, the simplicity in the beat and lyrics also is a good choice for work-out music as we are in the gym working on our summer bods. Hence the declaration, “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music”

It is known that women are the world’s most powerful consumers, and their impact on the economy is growing every year. The global incomes of women are predicted to reach a staggering $18 trillion by 2018, according to global professional services firm EY.  Naming his album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music was a smart tactic to gain the support of 2 Chainz fan base.

We’d love for you to share your thoughts as to why you think Pretty Girls Like Trap Music and how you think 2 Chainz album promotion will help the success of this latest project.








What Designs to expect as Coach and Kate Spade Combine into One Brand


By London “The Branding Blogger”


In May, Coach announced that they were acquiring their competitor Kate Spade for $2.4 Billion.  If you’re anything like myself who appreciates a classic Kate Spade clutch and the Bold patterns of a Coach exclusive to add a little pop to your outfit, this came as big news.

Kate Spade’s style is more sleek and conservative and although Coach has a  collection that is quite similar to the traditional look of Kate Spade designs, this multinational luxury fashion designer incorporates bold patterns, colors and shapes in a lot of their collections.  It is believed that this merger took place to increase more sales in the Millennial Demographic.

Ever since it has been announced of this epic merge, we are starting to see new bags that fuse the two brand identities  together:

hayes street fabric mini isobel

Hayes street fabric mini isobel

This go-anwhere bag is made from a bright striped fabric and trimmed with black leather, this new version of our hayes street mini isobel is as chic as it is practical.


haute stuff parrot cage bag

Haute stuff parrot cage bag

This wicker and-leather wristlet is made to look like a bamboo birdcage playful touch to everything from jeans to dresses

dora wedges

Dora wedges

These patent wedges boast a heel that’s made to look like a (very stylish) taco truck–they’re perfect with jeans, shorts and solid-hued sundresses.



With the playful designs, the probability of grabbing the attention (and dollars) from the Millennial demographic who tend to be more attracted to accent accessories, color blocking, and making statements is very promising.





Ciroc Introduces Their Newest Flavor: Mango

By London “The Branding Blogger”


Diddy does it again!  Just a couple hours ago, he introduces hi newest flavor to his premium line.  Ciroc™ Mango is now in stores. This newest flavor adds to the 8 flavors that are currently being sold:  Ten, Pineapple, Peach, Apple, Coconut, Amaretto, and the Classic Original.


ciroc Mango



In 2007, Sean “Diddy” Combs partnered with Diageo in a groundbreaking strategic alliance to oversee and manage all lifestyle branding and marketing initiatives for Ciroc™ Vodka. Combs said he wanted to work with Diageo because the company understood that “I’m not just a celebrity endorser, I’m a brand builder. I’m a luxury brand builder.” Since collaborating with Ciroc™, Combs has heavily contributed to make this brand a household name. “They’re looking for something that tastes like their lifestyle,” he said. “It’s that trendsetter, that hipster, someone who’s looking for luxury and looking for something better.”


ciroc line

2013’s New York International Auto Show: Cars that Left their Tire Mark

2013 marked the 113th anniversary of the New York Int’l Auto Show. Big names like Toyota, Ford, Acura, Bugatti, Porsche, BMW, Volkswagen (Just to name a few) made their dent at the Jacobs Javits Center this year.   With all of revolutionary features and space-age designs of these cars, it seems that we definitely horse powered our way past Henry Ford’s 1896 paradigm shifting, Quadricycle!  This year’s exhibit, modeled a wide variety of cars from the low-end, durable vehicle catering to frantic, occupied family household; to the high profile, luxurious, speed demon on the road catering to the thrill seeking bachelor.  -and then there was everything else in between.    All of these automobiles at the show already gained awareness in the market. However, the question at hand is which brands maintained the relevancy through reinventing improvements to keep up with the tangible and intangible changes in the world?

The following are Automobile moguls that I feel left a mark in the 2013’s Int’l Car Show:



This Japanese automotive company gets the trophy for innovation breakthroughs this year.  In a mere 15 months, Nissan redesigned 5 of their models: Sentra, Pathfinder, Altima, Versa Note, and Rouge (releases to the states, May 2013).  Nissan is   “Innovation that Excites”   and puts the customer’s concerns and circumstances in the front and center.  This shows through their advances.  I personally feel that although they didn’t have the most extravagant displays, they stood firm ground with all of the breakthroughs they have under their belt!  The cars on the floor targeted the average American looking for something familiar with slight enhancements.   Nissan’s technicians fine-tuned everyday features to maintain safety and durability.  With zero gravity seats, 27/38 miles on the gallon enhanced headlights, smart keys, computer synchronies for tire pressure and movement detectors, standard security and safety features, and a hard, sturdy body while competitors sported flimsy fiber glass bodies.  Nissan’s redesigned offering are cost-efficient and give long time satisfaction.

Although the Leaf, the world’s first mass produced affordable electric car, premiered in 2011, it stole the show once more on a turning display platform.  This model underlines Nissan’s identity of what innovation that excites means to the world.



This year, the all-new 2014 ILX definitely was the hype on the Acura floor.  This hybrid is an entry-level luxury compact car.  The ILX achieved the 2013 Top Safety Pick designation by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). It’s Sleek interior with smooth leather seats, a strong sturdy outside, and newly designed aero fused dynamics, gives Acura an optimistic sales target of 40,000 units its first year in production.



Porsche has done an impeccable job with product placement in the sports car industry   Porsche’s display was packed with people while other car companies considered direct competitors, weren’t as full.  The Porsche Cayman received a World Car Award this year for World Performance Car.  .  In reconciling with apparent opposites: the tension between comfort and dynamism or between sportiness and efficiency, sports car enthusiasts definitely pay homage to this vintage classic with futuristic twists.  I mean who wouldn’t appreciate a sports car without compromises for everyday use.



The Bugatti line was actually off the market for approximately 30 years.  There is actually a very interesting story involving the Queen of England and this remarkable piece of a car.  She bought a Bugatti in the 1970s and got into a car accident due to brake failure.  In response to the criticisms that Bugatti received shortly after, Bugatti simply stated that their brand is an “unstoppable” one. Hence, the brake failure!  Their vehicles easily can reach 270 mph and goes for 1.5 million dollars.

With all of the social media posts being posted the first day throughout its entirety, it was hard to not know about the show.  It was impressive seeing families eagerly running after and trying to pacify their children as these models created excitement to their spirits.  A lot of the everyday cars seemed to focus on innovations to improve comfort, cost-effectiveness, and environmental concerns while the more elite cars used their reputation of exclusivity to market themselves.  These selective cars were behind glass walls and velvet ropes and you had to have some sort of VIP pass to talk to representative.  I noticed that there was no type of marketing collateral for these super cars and they were really just there for eye-candy more than anything else.  Overall, this year’s Int’l Car Show went very well.  The weather was gorgeous which gave people more of an incentive to check it out. It was great experience and if you didn’t have a chance to check it out this year, make sure you do for 2014!