July 15th: Brands and Bellini’s Visionary Brunch

By London “The Branding Blogger”

I am hosting my very first Brands and Bellini’s Visionary Brunch July 15th in New Brunswick New Jersey. Brands and Belinis Visionary Brunch’s mission is to focus on building partnerships with dreamers alike through the power of collaboration. Powered by Collideascopes, this event to network across, grow personal brands and create a space where brands can build mutually beneficial relationships whether it be in beauty, fashion, technology, skincare, or any other industry; whether you are starting tomorrow or have been in the game for years – all are welcome.This event will feature a panel of influencers in several industries and years of experience. Our panelists will have the opportunity to share their tools, how they’ve worked their way to their current status and how they are continuing to work while building their brand.Location: Above Arts Studio 55 b Morris Ave New Brunswick, NJDate: July 15, 2018Time: 11am -3pmBrunch| Build Relationships| Develop Skills together| Party!

Johnnie Walker unveils the Jane Walker (Limited) Edition

By London “The Branding Blogger”

keep walking

Johnnie Walker is recognized universally as a premium Scotch Whiskey.  Their iconic logo of a poised gentleman confidently striding along successfully depicts the brand’s message, “Keep Walking”.

Keep walking is exactly  what this blended Scotch Whiskey label plans to do as it evolves its brand in these changing times.

Behind every strong and successful man is a strong and successful Woman

…and Johnnie Walker has recognized that. In recognition of women who lead the way, Johnnie Walker unveiled Jane Walker, the first-ever female iteration of the brand’s original logo.

The Jane Walker Edition launch this month– just in time for Women’s History Month.

jane walker


The bottle is retailed at $35 and for every Jane Walker Edition bottle produced, Johnnie Walker will donate $1 to organizations supporting women’s progress, up to $250,000.


Now in my opinion whiskey has always been a preferred choice for men.  I’ve recently noticed that women have taken a liking to whiskey.  Resulting in Whiskey manufacturers developing flavored whiskeys in an attempt to expand their reach to the women and younger demographic.  This limited edition can potentially spark the interest of the Wonder Women in the Whiskey arena.  I myself am a Bourbon girl (The peet and smokiness in Scotch Whiskey is too advanced for my pallet)  However, this initiative is too powerful for me not to support.  I plan on purchasing my limited edition this week.

Please share your thoughts on the Jane Walker Edition!

  • Do you think this is a step in the right direction for Johnnie Walker?
  • Can this be a beginning of a new product?
  • What can Johnnie Walker/ Diagio do in regards of product development to expand their reach to women consumers?

Artist Spotlight: Foe Hun’ed B4 The Love Album Release

By London “The Branding Blogger”

This past Tuesday, I attended the album release of Jersey’s own Foe Hun’ed.  Now a little background… We went to the same high school -Piscataway Highschool, A town in New Jersey that bred quite a few successful folks.

Its incredible to witness how much Foe’s artistry has evolved in just about 5 years.  I remember when he was aspiring to become who he is now. Seeing the passion in his eyes, the dedication and  discipline in his actions, and the enthusiasm while in the booth was inspiring.

Fast Forward to 2017… 2 solo albums under his belt, him and his team Let Roll Records, accessible on Pandora, performing in multiple states, and last but not least, a deal with Priority Records under Universal –this man is executing on his dreams rather effectively

I’ve admired Foe and his team’s execution throughout the years.  Back in 2015, to promote Foe Hun’ed’s “Family Over Everything” (Where Foe came from) Album, he and his team purchased ad space on a billboard in their home town.


Now let me tell you how real the hate is.. Would you believe just hours after the billboard was displayed, some bitter, jealous HATER burned it down!?  Well that sure backfired because this act of hate actually gave the team MORE exposure when News 12 featured the story of what happened!

Back to the present…. The Listening party was held at Loft 9 in New Brunswick.  Foe Hun’ed gave us a taste of his album.  I did my people watching thing that I have a habit of doing and noticed the entire audience enjoying themselves.  Heck, I ended up breaking my own damn curfew because i was truly enjoying the moment and connecting with these tracks -One in particular, For a Reason.  Which actually is played in the promo collage above.

From what I heard, this new album tells a story.  There are some party hits and songs you can blast either on your way to the gym or  as you prepare to roll up your sleeves and tackle an obstacle you may be facing.


Call -To-Action:

Support your Independent Artists!

Pre-Order B4 the Love on iTtunes 

Album Release Date:  November 24th

Upcoming Events:  B4 The Love Album Release Party |9pm-3am|Envy Nightclub 323 N Broad Street Elizabeth, NJ


Dove’s Ad: Nailed it or Marketing Fail?


By London “The Branding Blogger”


Yesterday,  I woke up to a cluster of posts from outraged people in regards to what seemed to be a failed marketing attempt from Dove.  It is not the first time that Dove was in hot water due to their advertisements.  This time around, the anger was sparked from an image of an African American woman who after taking her shirt off, transformed into a Caucasian woman.  This caused the Internet to break.

Dove immediately dropped the ad and issued a formal apology.  Hours later however, the entire advertisement surfaced.


After looking at the entire ad, I think the outrage was based off of premature assumption.

feedback 1

feedback 2


By popular demand, see below for the highly anticipated Ad:


As you can see, each woman wore a nude shirt.  As they began to remove their shirt, the video frame changed to another woman of a different race.  It seems to me that Dove was simply trying to portray that their product was for everyone of all skin tones.

After watching the entire ad, do you feel as outraged as you did from seeing the initial image that went viral?  Should Dove fire their Advertising Manager?  Please feel free to share your thoughts.

Sharpie: The Permanent Mark on Brands

By London


 Sharpie has always been a handy tool illustrators used to break down any barrier in the way of their Creative realm.  It’s only right that their ads leave lasting impressions keeping consumers happily engaged.

47213979_7053_468534_widgetBelow, are a few cool and attention-grabbing  campaigns that has helped Sharpie leave its mark  in whiteboard sessions and projects around the world.


The chisel, paintbrush, and canvas all made it on a page of an Art 101 book.  However, we may sometimes forget the critical role a Sharpie plays in a Creative’s career path. Sharpie received the prestigious 2012 TED Award for “Ads Worth Spreading” . Highlighting inspirational testimonies of designers storyboard scribbling success stories.  One video that soley an s emotional selling point is the flick with Sharpie Squad member Cheeming Boey,  a young Californian illustrator who grew up on a Malaysian bird farm and has found minor fame in the U.S. art world for his Sharpie Illustrations on Styrofoam cups reminding us that it can all start with Sharpie.


This video was one of a 3 video Back to school campaign created by Draftfcb in Chicago— starring quirky Sharpie users, who use the implements as tools of self-expression.

The second video stars Mark Rivard, who creates custom skateboard designs with Sharpies:

Erica Domesek, uses a Sharpie fabric marker to turn a pencil case into a purse:

Client: Sharpie
Campaign: “It Starts With Sharpie”
Agency: Draftfcb, Chicago
Creative Director: Gigi Carroll
Copywriter: Troy Burrows
Producer: Kelly Durham
Production/Editing Company: Macula
Director: Shal Ngo
Music: Found Objects

The “It starts with Sharpie,”campaign soon probed the next evolution of a campaign,  “Uncap what’s inside.” This multichannel campaign includes new packaging and a newly redesigned website at Sharpie.com, which nicely showcases the work of Boey and others in the “Sharpie Squad.” The site also encourages fans to send in their own Sharpie-produced artwork for a chance to be featured on their website and YouTube channel

"Uncap What's Inside Campaign"  Sharpie's Poster Paint markers

“Uncap What’s Inside Campaign” Sharpie’s Poster Paint markers

Highlighting the Sharpie twin  tip marker

“Uncap What’s Inside” Introducing the Sharpie twin tip marker

"Uncap what's inside" Twin Tip Marker

“Uncap what’s inside” Twin Tip Marker

"Uncap What's Inside" Sharpie Twin Tip marker

“Uncap What’s Inside” Sharpie Twin Tip marker


Clever print ads were recently created by Miami Ad School students.  These images depict how behind every great ad, “It all started with a Sharpie”.


Macintosh's Meeting of the Minds

Inside Macintosh’s Meeting of the Mind

Perfecting the Playboy logo

Perfecting the Playboy logo

"It all started with Sharpie"  Rolling Stones

Doodling one of the most renowned logos for  Rolling Stones


These ads are but only a few of Sharpie’s extensive, intriguing rolodex of campaigns.   They  not only market the Sharpie brand, but also gives credit to the Artists who faithfully use this tool probably as much as they use their toothbrush!  The art department at Sharpie doesn’t just stop at their Headquarters -It is as infinite as there are artists with a creative Eureka look to sketch down their new work.




Klondike: Sex sells -Even for a frozen dessert!

By London
Originating from a Switzerland dairy farm in the 1900’s it seems as if Klondike is spicing up their chilly, dessert treat with their new provocative commercial. -Sex sells, even with ice cream!

From the “What would you do for a Klondike Bar” tag, the Good Humor dessert line has released a new alluring slogan “Best ice-cream bar ever conceived”

The newest commercial targets the male shopper’s adult-movie-addled brain as it depicts a milk chocolate ice cream bar and a strikingly tall and slender chocolate bar nurse. The visual blends real world assimilation and animation. Greg Smith, chief creative officer at VIA Agency made the statement “A ton of ads use animated characters. So we made the decision to shoot as much as we could in camera. The awkwardness of putting ‘real’ characters on ‘real’ sets and then animating their eyes, arms and legs made it different and it helped us stay true to the lo-fi vibe we wanted to portray.”

In addition to 30 seconds of chocolaty seduction targeted to the viewer’s taste buds, Klondike has partnered with CollegeHumor to produce a comedy series about the couple. The series also introduces “peanut” child of the two dynamic treats.

Klondike has evolved from the simple innocence of asking random people “What would they do”, to unlocking a whole new world of  Klondike’s expanded product line by appealing to the male buyer appeasing to their mature humor and sexuality.

Below is one of the original commercials debuted in 1983. An elderly reserved man is asked if he would make monkey sounds for “that chocolate coated ice cream”. Initially, he bashfully declines then after a second thought, he throws all of his personal judgements out the window and let’s himself free as he bangs his chest and performs his best imitation of our hairy primates.

Creative, Attention-Grabbing Technique to Attract Readers to Newspaper Ads

By Lady London 09 April 2014

With the information overload Newspapers already have, without any thought readers completely bypass the advertisement section and jump to the Headliners.

Columbia based creative director, Felipe Salazar has turned that all around by taking such a neglected section of the newspaper and making that one the top Headliners!

Newspaper 1

Colombia-based creative director Felipe Salazar has created a clever ad for Corona Kitchen that plays tricks on the eye

As you sip your morning coffee and open up the paper, you are in for an eye-popping surprise in the ad section.


By simply positioning the rows of texts, Felipe Salazar renders clear outlines to add a three-dimensional illusion that is a sure fire way to spark curiosity to pull readers in.


A trained eye, can easily skim through the information overloads in the newspaper to find the topics that spark their interest.  Yet stumbling on this optical illusion will redirect attention to the many various ads that complete the overall image. What was once a long, mundane advertising attempt is now a fun and gravitating exercise.


Do you see yourself taking a detour from your favorite sections of the newspaper to take a glance at offers that may stick out to you? Heck, could this section become a favorite if were manipulated to pop out? View more of the images below.


Ads that have relevance to kitchen needs would be included in the overall picture.

Super Bowl 2013 – An “Electrifying” Surprise

With Ray Lewis playing his last game, the Harbough sibling rivalry for the Lombardi Trophy, and the electrifying performance by Beyonce Knowles, there was a lot of excitement with this year’s Super Bowl. There was, however, one surprise that no one was prepared for -The 35 minute Blackout. Yes, half of the Superdome went without power towards the end of the third quarter preventing the game to continue.

As technicians frantically scrambled around trying to resolve this issue, the anxiety of the players and coaches heightened. They were only a few commercials during this unforeseen incident (all CBS in house promos) while the rest of the time was filled with commentary about the players stats and uncertain updates regarding the power failure with the occasional pause for the commentators to collect their thoughts on what they would say next. Clearly, nobody was prepared for something so unexpected. –Especially the owners of CBS. After all, marketers make enormous investments for a 30 second commercial slot. If we were to estimate 4 million dollars per 30 second slot during the duration of the blackout, CBS would have made a womping total of 4.2 billion dollars!

I’m sure next year CBS will be better prepared for any unplanned situations. One thing I would suggest is upselling their advertising slots for any potential delays in the game. If there are no incidents, with the technological advances dealing with the World Wide Web, CBS and the Marketers should create an agreement where the ads that were not featured on television, would be features on the Live Stream for a discounted price.