Modeling Agnecy Goes Against the Grain of Fashion Industry Standards

By Lady London 10 April 2014

A Modeling Agency Just For The Ugly People of The World


Sex sells.  But what if you don’t have the sexy that Modeling agencies require to put you on the covers of Vogue or the runways of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show?

Models must have some thick (exfoliated and flawless) skin to even be considered a candidate of becoming the “Next Top Model”.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. -and there are trillions of eyes in this world.  However, in the fashion industry, it seems that there is a narrow group of characteristics agencies look for in a model and very rarely deviate from this standard.  In which makes this industry quite competitive and saturated.

A London based agency has changed the industry standard by requiring their women to be fat and their men be geeky -UGLY MODEL Agency:

Ugly Models Agency is exactly what it sounds like: a modeling agency who represents ugly people. It’s based out of London and they’ve got a site featuring their, um… unsightly talent.

Bored with fashion industry and standard model look, two fashion photographers founded this alternative agency in 1969. They placed an ad in a daily London newspaper stating, “Have you got an interesting face? Contact ugly.”

40 years later, Ugly is one of the larger modeling agencies in the world.


UGLY MODEL Agency’s philosophy is pretty simple -“Any beauty can be airbrushed but we want our look to have true character.”

It takes 10,000 hours for you to be deemed as an expert in your field.  Well there are plenty aspiring models who spent countless hours in castings on the edge of their seats praying for their next big break -Still without a contract. After a few cold rejections, you start you question your ability.  -It can be a real stab to your self-esteem.  The UGLY MODELS agency provides a fun twist to the fashion industry while also empowering people to embrace their distinctive individuality.


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