Orphan Black: Season 2

By Lady London 20 April 2014 

“… Just one of a few, no family too, who am I?”

Attention all Orphan Black fanatics!  The time that we all have impatiently awaited for has arrived.  Orphan Black’s Season 2 has finally aired and the events in the first episode has left us in full amazement.

To the novice, this is a disclaimer:  This show is NOT for the faint of heart and the exquisite acting and storyline will immediately have you enthralled. -You have been warned.

Trailer for Season 1:

Orphan Black is a Canadian science fiction series, Temple Street production created by Graeme Manson and John Fawsett.  Tatiana Maslany takes the role of several identical women who are revealed to be clones made possible by in vitro fertilization. The series raises issues about the moral and ethical implications of human cloning and its effect on issues of personal identity.  Tatiana has recently been nominated for a Global Award for her outstanding ability to take the role of 7 women with very distinctive personalities.

I was only introduced to this incredible show 2 days ago have been brought up to speed. The writers for this Sci-Fi series are out of this world. 


The show airs on BBC every Saturday at 9pm EST.


The Cloneversation:

A hare-raising stunt

By Lady London 17 April 2014

Billboard for Rabbit Pizza Made from Dead Rabbits:


As we approach the Easter holiday, New Zealand pizza chain Hell Pizza, popular for their attention-grabbing marketing campaigns, has revealed their newest billboard advertisement that has stirred controversy among animal rights activists because it is covered in rabbit skin.  The rabbit ad is Hell Pizza’s latest provocative marketing stunt.  In the past, the restaurant has mailed  out condoms as part of  a promotion for its “Lust” pizza.


Boasting the tagline “Made from real rabbit. Like this billboard,” the sign advertises their newest pie “smoked wild NZ rabbit, toasted pine nuts, and beetroot, and horpito relish, cream cheese, rosemary, and garnished with fresh  spring onions.”

This ad campaign has sparked outrage to to all animal lovers.

the chain took to their Facebook defending the material by arguing that rabbits are “pests”


Do you think this is a tasteless effort in advertising or a unique attempt?  We at Collideascopes think Hell Pizza needs to look for a better Public Relations representative.



Taking a Walk Down the Fashion Runway:

By London 14 April 2014

Introducing Anne Sophie Madsen’s Spring/ Summer 2014 Collection:


Far from traditional, Anne Sophie’s Madsen’s unique and futuristic designs look like they bare fit for the cast of the Fifth Element.

Popular for creating futuristic female warriors, her S/S 2014 collection, Post Human Speed, Sophie Madsen looks to three boys for inspiration: Kaspar Hauser, a young German claiming to have grown up in total isolation, Inochi, the school boy alien robot dreamed up by Takashi Murakami, and Rubber Johnny, a boy able to contort his body into unnatural positions, depicted in a short film by Chris Cunningham. Questioning the human body and identity just as these boys do, Madsen realizes her vision in abnormal excesses and disproportions. The collection also features signature Madsen illustrations, which reference romantic portraits and late 90s Japanese pop art. As tech-forward chic continues to be a mainstay on fashion’s horizon, this Danish designer nails it: fresh, romantic, clean, and completely ahead of the pack.






Anne Sophie Madsen graduated from the Danish School of Design in 2009 .  Soon after graduating, she trained under John Galliano for Dior in Paris, before moving to to London to work for Alexander McQueen as a Junior designer.  Madsen debuted with her couture-inspired collection during London Fashion Week in 2010. In 2012 she won the Danish Fashion award for best design talent. In 2012 she did shows in Copenhagen, St Petersborg, London and New York, and exhibited in Milan, Paris and London.

Freaky Foods:

By Lady London 11 April 2014

Fine Arts Photographer Proposes a Dementedly Colorful Menu



Dr Seuss’ Sam-I-Am may have been talking to San Francisco native Lawrie Brown when he was exclaimed his dislike for green eggs and ham.

Brown’s photographs are quite quirky, comical, and sometimes er…strange.   Her newest work takes the art of food garnishing to an entirely  different level.  Her newest series is fittingly named “Colored Foods” features a sorts of familiar dishes coated with vibrant latex paint.


This series explores a deeper connection between the ways we interact with food and the assorted manufacturing and processing methods that it goes through before is is on the grocery shelves and on our plates.  She explains on her website:

“These photographs comment on the social, visual, and psychological aspects of food.  I am involved in a photographic investigation of what food people eat, what those foods materially consist of, what they look like, and what statements foods make about our society.  Of concern to me is what food actually looks like photographically and how it psychologically affects the viewer when isolated in its natural context.

The concept of an object, which feels of home, and is found in the home, as being acceptable, identifies with the food manufacturer’s notion that if the product is visually appealing, there should be no question of its edibility by the user.  These forceful images veil its underlining social statement in the way the manufacturer of food conceals its intended use in order to stress its visual qualities.  It is this normally accepted emphasis on visual importance that I am examining in my photographic food.”




To explore more of Brown’s eclectic work, visit her website: http://lawriebrown.com

Modeling Agnecy Goes Against the Grain of Fashion Industry Standards

By Lady London 10 April 2014

A Modeling Agency Just For The Ugly People of The World


Sex sells.  But what if you don’t have the sexy that Modeling agencies require to put you on the covers of Vogue or the runways of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show?

Models must have some thick (exfoliated and flawless) skin to even be considered a candidate of becoming the “Next Top Model”.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. -and there are trillions of eyes in this world.  However, in the fashion industry, it seems that there is a narrow group of characteristics agencies look for in a model and very rarely deviate from this standard.  In which makes this industry quite competitive and saturated.

A London based agency has changed the industry standard by requiring their women to be fat and their men be geeky -UGLY MODEL Agency:

Ugly Models Agency is exactly what it sounds like: a modeling agency who represents ugly people. It’s based out of London and they’ve got a site featuring their, um… unsightly talent.

Bored with fashion industry and standard model look, two fashion photographers founded this alternative agency in 1969. They placed an ad in a daily London newspaper stating, “Have you got an interesting face? Contact ugly.”

40 years later, Ugly is one of the larger modeling agencies in the world.


UGLY MODEL Agency’s philosophy is pretty simple -“Any beauty can be airbrushed but we want our look to have true character.”

It takes 10,000 hours for you to be deemed as an expert in your field.  Well there are plenty aspiring models who spent countless hours in castings on the edge of their seats praying for their next big break -Still without a contract. After a few cold rejections, you start you question your ability.  -It can be a real stab to your self-esteem.  The UGLY MODELS agency provides a fun twist to the fashion industry while also empowering people to embrace their distinctive individuality.


Artist Victor Nunes’ From Nothing to Something Illustrations

By Lady London 10 April 2014


They say you can find beauty in the simplest of things.

Artist Victor Nunes combines ordinary objects with simple illustrations to transform them into playful pictures of scenes, faces, animals, you name it!

His images invite us to look at the world in a different light and find creative images in our surroundings -the main ingredient of Creativity.

Nunes’ art is a great example of pareidolia, which is our propensity to give meaning to random objects  It’s the reason why we associate a smiley face with a human face and why some of Nunes’ pieces of popcorn or bread resemble faces to us.




Match Fan



Measuring Tape





Safety Pins



Pen Caps



Pencil Shavings








Candy wrappers









Sunflower-seeds 2











Wearable Technology:

By Lady London 10 April 2014



During this technological age, the intense rate of information is exchanged has almost everyone attached to their devices. With just one swipe of your finger, you can access your financials, stay abreast to Current Affairs, check your email, update your statuses, or even go cyber shopping!

Designers have taken smart devices a step further to have you more attached to your devices (literally) -Wearable Technology!

1. Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses:

The Vunix M100 Smart glasses was recently featured on CES 2013.  The glasses easily syncs with your android smartphone through Bluetooth capability and comes packed with Android 4.0, Wi-Fi, and 4GB of storage.  When you launch apps with your Android, everything is displayed  in a 800×400 pixel screen right before your eyes (literally!)




2. Swarovski USB Necklace:

USBs are the most common giveaways for trade shows. Those little babies can hold hundreds of important files.  But what happens if you misplace that tiny, yet critical resource? Swarovski has bling’d the standard storage device by adding a line extension of a crystal-studded 4GB USB necklace.  Wearing your work on your neck never looked so sophisticated and classy!


This techie piece of jewelery goes for $75.00 and is available in black, violet, and light rose.

3. Interactive T-Shirts

Geeky T-Shirts aren’t exactly a new thing, throw in some coding and batteries and you will be the human version of the Energizer bunny. For a long time, it was assumed that people would have to be stationed and wired into machines for medical personnel to monitor their vitals.  But what happens to soldiers that are on the field? How are medical officials able to measure their vitals when they are on the battleground?  In a Navy funded research, Georgia Tech DR. Sundaresan Jayaraman and Sumgmee Park designed the Smart Shirt.

The Smart Shirt is wired with optical fibers with sensors woven into the design of the shirt to monitor the heat-rate, breathing, respiration, body temperature, and a host of vital functions. The data is transmitted to a military base allowing medical practitioners to evaluate the soldiers health remotely.


Another kind of interactive shirt is one that makes sound upon touch -The electronic drum kit shirt has 7 areas that generates sound with a simple touch.

4. Nike + FuelBand:

For the active exercisers, the Nike + FuelBand tracks your daily exercise and the amount of calories burnt while exercising.  For everyday activity, a LED light will light up to show your progress.  You can set goals and view a detailed progress report and then share with your social networks via its iPhone app capability.


The Nike+ FuelBand goes for approximately $149.00 and it is a smart fun, and simple way to remain active.

5. IWallet:

Pick-pocketers are out and about waiting for the opportunity to make a move on your pockets and bags.  iWallet is definitely a game-changer that will definitely give these thieves a run for their money -No pun intended. Image

Designed with sturdy casing, biometric access, and Bluetooth technology, if the iWallet or your phone is too far apart from one another (10-15 ft) your phone will sound, notifying you of a pickpocket’s failed attempt or helping you locate the misplaced device.  Prices are in the higher range of $459 – $599 and re available in carbon fibre  with an aluminum shell.

6. Rusty’s Wired Series:

It’s time to say goodbye to those pestering tangled earphones.  Rusty has come up with a hoody where the drawstrings are earphones!  To plug your music device in, there is a jack in one of the pockets where you can connect your MP3 or Smartphone allowing you to Jam in a seamless manner.


…And get this, the earphones are machine washable so you don’t need to worry about water damage or going through the hassle of removing them and putting them back in.

7. USB Cufflinks:

Similar to the USB necklace, these cufflinks provide a professional look.  Each cufflink holds 2GB of storage and is available in gold and gunmetal.


To personalize this even further, for only $8.00, you can add a monogram for up to 8 characters.

8.  I’m Watch:

The I’m Watch is one of the many Smartwatches out in the industry.  It’s main differentiator’s is that SmartWatch has its own market of apps.  It connects to your smart phone via Bluetooth and once it is connected, you can receive the same notifications, emails, text messages, phone calls on your watch.


This watch is touchscreen and can act as a hands-free device due to its built in microphone -No need to risk getting a ticket for talking/ texting and driving.  These watches go for about $400 and are available in seven colors. All of the wonders of the worlds are within an arms reach with I’m Watch!

9. Nike Hyperdunk+:

Atheletes (along with their coaches) are always looking to improve their performance.  Nike Hyperdunk + allows basketball players to monitor their speed, jump height, and overall game performance.  There are sensors in the shoe that transmit data to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

ImageThere is also a capability allowing you to record videos of  certain plays to later study.  So next time while you are waiting on line for the newest Jordan’s to release, consider picking up a Hyperdunk+ to improve your performance and really dunk on your opponents.

10. Smart Band-Aids:

Yes, you read that correctly -Smart Band-Aids! This is one of the most popular medical devices thus far.  Who would have thought that one can add an innovative twist to a strip that heals our cuts and burns?  Korean researchers have developed a flexible strip that can detect tiny movements, deliver drugs, and store all necessary data.


This has not been tested on human patients yet, just Pig Skin.

These wearable devices are accessories to add to your Spring Collection this year!

Creative, Attention-Grabbing Technique to Attract Readers to Newspaper Ads

By Lady London 09 April 2014

With the information overload Newspapers already have, without any thought readers completely bypass the advertisement section and jump to the Headliners.

Columbia based creative director, Felipe Salazar has turned that all around by taking such a neglected section of the newspaper and making that one the top Headliners!

Newspaper 1

Colombia-based creative director Felipe Salazar has created a clever ad for Corona Kitchen that plays tricks on the eye

As you sip your morning coffee and open up the paper, you are in for an eye-popping surprise in the ad section.


By simply positioning the rows of texts, Felipe Salazar renders clear outlines to add a three-dimensional illusion that is a sure fire way to spark curiosity to pull readers in.


A trained eye, can easily skim through the information overloads in the newspaper to find the topics that spark their interest.  Yet stumbling on this optical illusion will redirect attention to the many various ads that complete the overall image. What was once a long, mundane advertising attempt is now a fun and gravitating exercise.


Do you see yourself taking a detour from your favorite sections of the newspaper to take a glance at offers that may stick out to you? Heck, could this section become a favorite if were manipulated to pop out? View more of the images below.


Ads that have relevance to kitchen needs would be included in the overall picture.