Innovative, Trendsetting Business that Broke the Mold!

Despite the expansion of solutions offered in today’s marketplace, there’s always a group of consumers whose needs are not quite fulfilled.  After all, only in a perfect world, you’ll find everyone completely satisfied.  Since we are living in a world far from perfect, there is a lot of opportunity for the “chosen entrepreneur” to come along and steal the hearts of consumers in a niche market. It does, however, take a bit of originality for a business to take the lead in developing a profitable solution to a potentially profitable market. Here is a list of some business that broke the mold in doing exactly that:

Able Planet– HQ in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, the geniuses behind Able Planet came up with an audio amplifier the size of a dime to enhance the sounds that may be muffled due to the various noises.  This doesn’t necessarily need to for those who are hearing impaired.  Audiences fit for this product can be workers who are exposed to noisy environment i.e. air terminals and helicopter platforms or concert attendees wishing to enjoy the show or sporting event while cancelling out the noisy cluster surrounding them.


uAttend This Cloud based system is an attendance tracker for employers.  It allows employees to mark their attendance with their phone, tablet or even the tried-and-true punch in clock method!  After punching in, the record of hours integrates with payroll software eliminating the manual process of paying employees.


Yardarm Technologies Gun legislation has always been a front-and-center topic in the U.S., but it reached a fever pitch in the months following the tragic events in Aurora, Colo. and Newtown, Conn.  Yardcom Technologies has come up with a high-tech idea—a wireless controller that allows gun owners to disable a weapon remotely. If a gun is moved, an alarm is triggered on the owner’s phone, and he or she can then disable the weapon remotely.


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