All the RAVE! …In London


Salutations Ladies and Gents!

I got so excited with all the hype
around the Super Bowl, (One of the underling components of what this blog portrays) I leaped over the post that warmly
welcomes my viewers and gives them a better understanding of the delightful
topics that will be up for discussion!

Why the name Collideascopes?

Kaleidoscopes is a Greek word which means observer of beautiful forms. Yet the actual apparatus, combines arbitrary patterns to form beautiful symmetric arrangements.

I decided to have these two aspects Collide into one: The observation and the action.

The observation is the core element of what this blog pertains to. By encompassing articles and surveys related to all of the ranges of creativity: culture, art, music, individualism, socio-economical mind frames, I hope to gain the insight of the subscriber’s likes and dislikes. -This information will therefore leverage clients’ go-to market strategies to achieve a high

This brings me to the second segment of Collideascopes. –The action: Brand/ Business/ Artist development to those who need it. I’m a Marketing Major and when I envision how organizations/ individuals can cultivate and execute plans that support a specific objective, an indescribable euphoric
feeling engulfs my spirit!  Between the savvy wordplay to the clever implementations, it is never a dull day incorporating different techniques to different brands, events, ideas- you get the point!

We as people, sometimes tend to magnify things of trivial substance and disregard the simple things that have the potential to bloom into something of large magnificence. In hopes to surprise, challenge, and amuse the viewer, Collide-A-Scopes is the doorway to the “Fun House” of the world. Collide-A-Scopes is a passage where ideas
together to then create a refined
of innovation. Hence the name, CollideaScopes.

Many Thanks for taking the time out to read my blog. *Special* thanks for your patience as I get all of my preliminary material on here along with my site, and Twitter account, @collideascopes. Your opinion does matter. So PLEASE provide as much feedback as you can! I want to make this a fun
experience not only for myself, but for you as well.

Yours Truly,

Lady London

One comment on “All the RAVE! …In London

  1. Kenrick says:

    Great piece! I particularly like your solution at the end for the networks in dealing with future technical issues.

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